• Use of clothing according to the weather forecast;
  • On speedboats windbreaker jacket can be useful;
  • If necessary use a waterproof jacket;
  • The footwear can be sailing shoes, tennis or other non-slip shoes that don’t leave marks on the deck;
  • Bring sunglasses with security tape;


  • A hat or cap can sometimes be useful. However must be tight not to fly;
  • A change of clothing and an extra pair of shoes may be more useful in “wet” days;


  • You will be given a safety briefing for all passengers boarding;
  • Safety vests will be made available to all passengers;
  • On speedboats is obligatory to use the life jackets;
  • Passengers are due to have a responsible attitude and so increasing safety on board;
  • All vessels are inspected by the competent maritime authorities;
  • All Skippers are properly prepared and certified by WaterX. They have the experience required to operate our vessels;
  • All boats have onboard first aid kits;
  • All vessels have the rescue equipment required by law;


  • To navigate the passenger must be in good health;
  • No previous experience is necessary;
  • The speedboat event is not suitable for pregnant women;
  • And is not recommended for people with neck problems, back, hips or knees, as well as people with
  • excessive weight;
  • Passengers prone to seasickness are advised to take a pill for motion sickness at least 1 hour before the
  • event;
  • It is advised to use sunscreen in the sea even in the days of cloudy skys;


  • WaterX is subscriber off all insurance required by law to maritime-tourist activity in Portugal.



  • The customer sees the event confirmed with WaterX after payment of the corresponding downpayment.
  • The general conditions of payment of an event to WaterX are as follows:
  • 50% at confirmation;
  • 50% at 48 hours before the event.


If, after a verbal or written confirmation by the client, fails to pay downpayment, WaterX reserves the right to apply the following policy of cancellations:


  • 45 days: Total refund
  • 30 days: 30% retention
  • 15 days: 50% retention
  • 48 hours: 70% retention
  • Within 48h: 100% retention~


  • WaterX is responsible to deliver all boats in perfect condition, properly licensed and inspected for the exercise of maritime leisure activity;
  • WaterX’s crews are all experienced skippers and fluent English;
  • It is not WaterX’s obligation of have guides on board, nor their skippers serve guides for groups.