Find the best way of learning more about our culture on this amazing experience!

Discouver a unique way of living, influenced by distant shores thanks to the portuguese odysseys at sea all over the world troughout the centuries, that contributed for the criation of na original gastronomy that combine bocal products with exotic ingredients.

Get in touch with the history of a region that has been populated by many diferent culures along the centuries, in a close relationship with the water, having a long tradition on various nautical activities, from salt pans and tide meals, to fishing and boat building.

Join us on this journey along Tagus riverside region, and discover beautiful sights of quiet villages and unspoiled landscapes that form an important natural reverve, a wetland  habitat that shelters many unique and protected species, in a peculiar relationship between urban areas, and rural living.

Come on board and come shorten the distance between shores, cruising on exlusive yachts towards an unforgatable encounter with exquisit and autentic tipycal delicacies, that you won’t be able to find nowhere else!

Embark on this cruise and take a chance of trying some of the best things that our region has to offer!






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