Plan your Corporate, or your Private Event on board of our Yachts, and ensure that nobody will ever forguet this day!

Celebrating moments on board is a memorable experience, if we add to this, the fantastic scenery of our magnificent coast, the unique perspective from the water, the mild climate that our region enjoys all year, the excellence of the service provided by WaterX, their spectacular guests, the success of your event is guaranteed!

Meet our offer and do not miss this opportunity to surprise those you care about.

  • Birthday Party
  • Sunset
  • Corporate Cruises
  • Cocktails on board
  • Lunch or Dinner onboard
  • Boat transfers
  • Corporate boating days
  • Meeting on board (2h meeting + 1h cruise)
  • Wine & cheese cruise
  • Night cruises
  • Party on board

Among so many other possibilities thay you may present us… We will be glad to study with you the best way to make your idea come truth!

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